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Recruitment Status
Oxi Aupio is currently recruiting the following:
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Currently ranked #2 on the Vaizel server, Oxi Aupio is a close-knit Aion legion whose members enjoy Kumbaya-filled powwows in Beshmundir Temple and long walks on the beach collecting old weathered objects, when not otherwise engaged in murderous rampages throughout  Gelkarmos and the Chantra Dredgion.


Oxi Aupio was formed by a small group of friends who sought to have fun and enjoy the game, not getting all caught up with your standard in-game drama and stress (though it is impossible to escape all of it). We strive to maintain a strong sense of community, continuing to help our legion mates achieve their goals, such as dailies, quests, etc, as well as working with other Elyos legions in capturing fortresses, and handing out good old-fashioned Asmo beat downs.


We as a legion are committed  to the 3 founding principles of Oxi Aupio:

  • Have fun and enjoy Aion! It is a game afterall. If we aren't having fun, then what's the point in playing?!
  • Form a close-knit community whose primary focus is the improvement of the collective, rather than the individual.
  • Help each other progress in the game, whether that be through quests, campaigns, blood farming, ap gain, or any other aspect of Aion.



What does "Oxi Aupio"  mean???

According to Pose, it's a Greek expression meaning "No Tomorrow".  Or does it really mean "All hail Pose the supreme master of Aion"?  Guess we'll never know...

Best to just enjoy Aion today like there's no tomorrow!!



Oxi Aupio Recruitment:

We only accept applicants from players who are lvl45+. See the Recruiting Section on the left hand column of this homepage for current Oxi recruitment needs for each class. 


If you would like to apply to be a member of Oxi Aupio:

Read the Legion Rules posted in the Official Rules forum!

Then click “Join Oxi Aupio” link at the top of the website, above login fields – follow the registration instructions and fill out all the questions on the application form.  Make sure to include your in-game character name so that you can be reached by an officer to follow-up on your application!

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